Alex Kwong

Calgary, AB

Alex Kwong is a Calgary-based artist focused on creating work that shares the stories of people and places. Kwong has been painting murals for half a decade, some of which you may have seen before in Calgary! He has also done collaborations with another Calgary-based artist, Toner all of which can be found around the city.


You can hear more about Kwong and his artwork in the Artist Panel as well as in the interview below.


Mural Statement: Simona Lisa

I have photographed a local artist [Simone Saunders] with her textile work. Her work is especially important these days on a global scale, but I am also hoping to utilize this opportunity with BUMP in order to bring attention and support to one of my peers in the Calgary art scene. The overall composition plays off of the form of Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa with a modern subject.


Photos © 2020 Harkit Uppal, © 2020 Junette Huynh


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1518 7 Street SW

Calgary, AB