Presenting our 2022 BUMP Festival muralists

Tuesday July 19, 2022

Welcome to the 2022 BUMP Festival! Local, national and international artists come together in our city for one full month to bring it to life as an ever expanding, open air public art gallery. This is our 6th year and we are more sure than ever about our vision and mission as a festival that continues to highlight the important role that public art can play in a city’s transformation and growth, 

In 2022 we are on a tipping point of art and culture – ready to signal to the rest of the world that our landlocked city in the prairies is home to incredible artists of many disciplines who are creating important dialogue, forging new artistic styles and practises and finding ways to bolster initiatives for emerging creatives. New stories are being told, old narratives are being shifted and we at BUMP want to facilitate an exciting path forward for the future of art in this city to continue to expand and evolve. 

Our muralists this year are each bringing to our city big, bold and ambitious ideas. From conversations around biodiversity and ecological change, to massive testaments to the human spirit of survival, to brilliant depictions of myth, fantasy and play – the murals of 2022 BUMP are going to be something you don’t want to miss. 

Please welcome this incredible mix of local artists and visiting artists to Calgary this August – lets get some paint on these walls!

The 2022 BUMP Festival is presented by TD Canada. This year’s festival is also made possible by several amazing sponsors & partners in the community who are listed here.