Graffiti Jam Recap!

Tuesday August 23, 2022

The 2022 Graffiti Jam was amazing – thank you to everyone who came out and spent the day with our incredible writers. High Park now has 7 more pieces of art that is making it more vibrant and exciting. From 2 PM to 11 PM last Saturday the rooftop was ALIVE. Programming events like these and seeing how much people want them really speak to the spirit of this city – how art and music and community all converge and create a space for more of us to connect and find new ways to make our city an interesting place to live and play. Our 2022 Grafitti Writers were Katherine Langdon, Megan Oldues, Enoch, Kerzeka, Francisco Ordonez, Crums, and Maxim Cardinal – many of whom were supported by other artists and writers from the Calgary Graffiti community.

Thank you to our fantastic DJ’s who were spinning all day, DJ Soni Def, Jenuiine, Territingz and Nasty G – you guys had us all on beat, sipping beer and spraying paint. Here’s hoping that the 2022 Graffiti Jam sparked a flame for many more graffiti artists, musicians and painters to begin their journey in Calgary. 

For everyone who is interested in participating in next years jam, applications will open next February and you can apply then 🙂 From the turnout we had this year, you can bet that the 2023 Graff Jam is going to only get bigger and better. And who knows, we might have some MAJOR surprises in store for next time. 

A Special thank you to Loop Colours Canada, Fresh Air Cinema & Goodbye Graffiti for making this event possible.


Video and photos by the amazing BLKWTR Productions