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Distance: 5.5 km

Time: 60 min 


The second tour of the 2021 BUMP Festival is a glimpse into the first new 2021 BUMP wall murals scattered mostly along 17th Avenue SW. Starting with a new 2021 mural by the dynamic Italian-Canadian artist duo Kerzeka, the tour guides you along mural-rich 17th Avenue past a whopping 22 murals and 13 BUMP Road Works!! Don’t miss Toronto artist Eliscer’s joyful new wall of community characters behind the Beltline’s McHugh House Community & Arts Hub at Centre St & 17th Ave. If you make it the full way you’ll be rewarded with the much anticipated follow up to last year’s BUMP mural by Tsuut’ina Nation artist Nathan Meguinis rich in storytelling and symbolism.

Kerzeka (2021)

Kerzeka is Tiziano and Desiree: a dynamic Italian-Canadian duo blending historical inspirations, traditional graffiti flavors, and abstract realism. Together, they bring a passion for muralism, community connection, and spreading the spirit of art.



Michelle Hoogveld (2020)

Michelle Hoogveld is a Canadian painter and mural artist, whose distinctive style is inspired by colour theory, connection, and matters of the heart. Michelle creates compositions of bold patterns and textile-like blockings of colour, with layers that weave and fold together as an intricate tapestry of who we are, celebratory of human identity and emotion.


Her colourful works are internationally recognized, beautifying and uplifting spaces in both the public and private realm. Creating around the world, Michelle has worked with a wide range of clients in Canada, the United States, Peru, Mexico, Germany, Portugal and England. Michelle holds a B.S. in Design from Lynn University as well as a BEd in Arts from University of British Columbia.



Kalum Teke Dan (2018)

Kalum is an Indigenous artist working in collaboration with Colouring it Forward. Founded by Diana Frost, an Algonquin Métis artist, Colouring it Forward is an Indigenous social enterprise designed to create conversations through the arts. The organization aims to create artwork which will develop understanding and foster reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.

This piece, titled Sunset Songs, features a warrior singing healing songs for our earth – something as important today as it was when this was painted two years ago.


Harneet Kaur Chahal, Ravina Kaur Toor, And Zoe Harveen Kaur Sihota (2021)

Born and raised in Alberta, Harneet Kaur Chahal (31), Ravina Kaur Toor (23) and Zoe Harveen Kaur Sihota (23), were brought together through a grassroots community of millennial and gen Z Punjabi Sikh diaspora. Moved by the courage of their family and community members, who were back in India participating in the protests, the group has been meeting virtually throughout the pandemic to support one another and raise awareness about the plight of farmers in India.



Doras (2020)

Doras is an Irish-Canadian artist, illustrator, muralist and director located in Montréal, QC. His style is colourful and dream-like, often combining historical ornament and iconography with the language of contemporary fantasy. His large-scale pieces draw from his background in illustration, featuring objects, scenes and characters that might easily have been ripped from the pages of a book.

This mural, Upstream, is a piece dedicated to all people who have walked steady against the current. It aims to illustrate the many social, emotional, political and economic forces a person faces when they decide to speak up for what’s right against the status quo.



Toner (2020)

Toner is a Calgary based graffiti artist and large-scale muralist with over a decade of experience working in both the public and private realms. His visual language spans from clean and vibrant typographic and abstract designs to highly detailed photorealistic representations of plants and animals.

With an artistic background in urban art and a professional background in architec­ture, Toner’s skill set allows him to marry a unique creative approach with detailed planning and execution on any project. He has also done collaborations with another Calgary-based artist, Alex Kwong all of which can be found around the city.



Jill Stanton (2018)

From Edmonton, AB, Jill has painted numerous murals Canada. Her portfolio shows her demonstrated ability for borrowing visual cues and inspiration from the history of the city, neighborhood, or topography of a location, then weaving them together with still life objects and natural forms. Her work aims to create open-ended narratives which allow people to create their own stories and find meaning within the work.

This mural is a playful twist on the traditional imagery of western cowboy boots and a nod to the building’s footwear-minded occupants, Gravity Pope.



Fluke (2019)

Fluke is the founder and president of ASHOP, a Montreal-based production company specializing in large scale murals and contemporary art. This mural was painted over several weeks with the help of two assistants and three boom lifts. The mural was created to celebrate diversity in Calgary and draws from Fluke’s street art and graffiti influences with ribbons of colour and paint spray across the wall. Other work by ASHOP in Calgary includes private commissions inside the new Marriott Residence Inn in Beltline and forthcoming mural by 2020 BUMP artist, Ankhone.



Nasarimba (2018)

Calgary collaborative duo of Rachel Ziriada and Mikhail Miller who have been working together since 2015. They have developed a creative process that involves painting, printmaking, sculpture, murals and site-specific installations. Their murals include creations like this one in 2018 for BUMP as well as others for Edmonton’s Rust Magic Festival and Winnipeg’s Wall-to-Wall Festival. NASARIMBA utilizes abstract compositions designed coupled with colour harmonies and gestural mark making to produce graphic and playful works that engage in a public visual dialog.



JD War (2021 Road Works)

JD is a self-taught artist originally from Winnipeg MB who now calls Calgary AB home. He would describe his style of creating as ‘spontaneous yet technical’. The Road Works container parklet was painted to reflect the surrounding street life with bright high-impact tones and to convey fun upbeat positive energy to everyone who visits.



Mary Haasdyck (2019)

This mural, titled Sunday Afternoon Nap, is inspired by the the location of this wall and the space between the two buildings and two streets as a corridor and in-between space. The artwork builds on this and aims to create a calm moment in the middle of the bustle. It’s a dreamlike landscape with a girl taking a nap in the midst of deer. Working both traditionally and digitally, Mary has brought multiple facets of her work to the Calgary community, most notably her utility box and banner designs, connecting her passion for visual story-telling with community engagement and public art.



Kevin Cardinal (2019)

Community Interactions shares the opposite wall of the alley between Purr and Vine Arts with Mary Haasdyck’s mural.The bear on the lower right is representative of a community’s spirit and energy, the eagle sitting across from the spirit of the community is representative of the community coordinators,  spearheads of the community, builders of community connection and interaction. The eagles sitting on top of the eagle and the bear represent all the little interactions between members of the community, coffee shops, street cleaners, restaurant staff, students, business folks, moms and sons, granddaughters and grandmas, all aspect of interaction that are seen and unseen.



Alex Kwong (2020)

Alex Kwong is a Calgary-based artist focused on creating work that shares the stories of people and places. Kwong has been painting murals for half a decade. He has also done collaborations with another Calgary-based artist, Toner all of which can be found around the city. His 2020 BUMP mural, Simona Lisa, features Calgary textile artist Simone Saunders and is a play off of Da Vinci’s famous painting that is the namesake of the long-running local art supply store this mural now adorns. Simone Saunders a textile artist based in Calgary and 2020 winner of the prestigious BMO 1st Art Competition.



Cassie Suche (2017)

Cassie Suche is a contemporary abstract artist working in Calgary, AB, Canada. Her work is distinguishable for its delicate balance of structure and spontaneity, expressed though a visual language of linear and modular forms. Suche takes a highly experimental approach to generating work, focusing heavily on material research and process. Her practice is driven by formal and informal investigations of pattern, logic, and processes observed in nature. Numerous mural works of hers can be found across Calgary including this one, titled Deflection Mural, created for BUMP in 2017 as well as more recent productions in Inglewood.



Marcia Harris (2020)

Marcia Harris graduated in 2004 with a BFA from University of British Columbia Okanagan in Kelowna, B.C. She majored in painting, drawing, photography and printmaking. Since then Harris has sold her work throughout Western Canada. Her work is part of various permanent collections throughout Alberta including Alberta Foundation for the Arts and Royal Alexander Hospital in Edmonton.


Many of Harris’ past works have depicted environmental themes including bees in their cohabitation and Colony Collapse Disorder. Harris also did studies and paintings about the Pine Beetle and its damaging effects in Western Canada. She had two public exhibitions with her work in that regard. Her current subject matter is more specific to urban and architectural themes.



Adrianne Williams (2020)

Adrianne Williams is a multidisciplinary artist, working with themes of urban culture and the individual. Her paintings, installations and video works explore her Caribbean ancestry, while often highlighting ideas of pop culture and culture clash. Williams completed her BFA in Drawing at the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2007. She has shown her work in Calgary, Edmonton, Italy and Spain.



Ola Volo (2020)

Ola Volo is a Canadian mural artist and illustrator from Kazakhstan with a distinctive style drawn from folklore, multiculturalism and identity. Her intricate works bring animals, people, architecture and nature together to articulate diverse stories rich with symbolism and elaborate forms. Ola creates complex narratives that acknowledge the subtleties of human nature while celebrating the little surprises of everyday life.


This new landmark mural by Ola will be somewhat of a departure from her usual colour palettes, opting for something bold and more cheerful at a time she feels it is important to create work that is especially uplifting.



Troy Lovegates (2019)

Troy Lovegates, also known as “Other”, is a San Francisco-based Canadian artist. Troy’s uses overlapping bright color, geometric pattern, and distorted detailed characters to bring beautiful and dense chaos to walls, trains, and all manners of the canvas. His work can be found on walls and rail cars across the globe.


His mural on 17th Ave between 4th and 5th streets can be seen from several blocks away. It tells the story of all the clutter and mindfill that one gains in their life today and the overload that is experienced because of it. But as the painting shows, we do the best we can and try to smell the flowers and do a gig through it all.



Kay Gallivan (2020)

Kay Gallivan is a multidisciplinary artist from Lekwungen Territory and based out of Victoria, BC. Gallivan is well versed in creating original artwork, commissions, murals, set design, workshops, multimedia installations, and sign painting.


She likes local biodiversity, social practice, collaboration, myths and archtypes, textile patterns, and bright, emotional colour schemes. Some of her favourite colour palettes come from the sky and some of her favourite sounds and textures come from the water.


Elicser Elliot (2021)

Elicser Elliott is a Toronto-based aerosol artist whose creations adorn the cultural landscape here and abroad. As an integral part of downtown Toronto’s street art community for over a decade, he has been recognized for his artistry and praised by both street and fine art collectors all over the world. His work has been featured in a multitude of publications, hung in prestigious galleries like the Art Gallery of Ontario, and for a number of years he had his own installation in the Royal Ontario Museum.



Luke Ramsey (2019)

Strength and Fragility by the Powell River, BC artist was inspired by the people working and visiting the Alpha House on which this mural is painted. In Luke’s words, “I have so much respect for all the staff who work at this vital facility. I met many kind hearted and friendly people who are just trying to get by. It’s not all sunshine and roses, but it’s real. People are suffering and need help. Society needs more love.”



Sbuone (2020)

Originally from France, SbuOne moved to Montreal in 2003. Influenced by all the art and nature he could see around him, he began to draw fiercely since a young age and never stopped. As an artist he continues to pursue his personal creative path, by drawing, painting walls and more recently tattooing. His 2020 mural, Opulence and Soul, shows how within everything, there is a unity of two “opposites” a little bit like yin and yang. There is always feminine within masculine and vice-versa.



Nathan Meguinis (2021)

Artist, illustrator, animator, yellow hands and powwow dancer Nathan Meguinis started drawing at the age of five. His artwork today reflects the deep roots of his Tsuut’ina culture and heritage rich with creative visual expression of his cultural heritage and spiritualism, with contemporary stylization; a mix of abstraction and realism.