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Distance: 3.7 km

Time: 60 min 


The third tour of the 2021 BUMP Festival hops between the Beltline and Downtown exploring 26 murals (13 from 2021) through alleys newly transformed into open-air urban art galleries and see works being painted at impressive new heights in Calgary.

Kamâmak And Bb Iskwew (2021)

Kayla Bellerose a.k.a. bb iskwew has created works for Driftpile Cree Nation, Whitefish Atikameg First Nation, Loon River First Nation, and with an urban Indigenous youth group at Calgary John Howard Society. Her art practice is a way for her to share her healing journey with people, specifically  with younger generations. Mackenzie Brown a.k.a. Kamâmak is a multitalented First Nations Cree woman from the Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation, currently residing in Amiskwaciwaskahikan, Edmonton. She is a performer, drummer, tourism entrepreneur, philanthropist and advocate for at-risk youth in the Edmonton area. Her art draws from her Cree culture painting to represent land, animals and being an Indigenous person in contemporary context.



Sbuone (2020)

Originally from France, SbuOne moved to Montreal in 2003. Influenced by all the art and nature he could see around him, he began to draw fiercely since a young age and never stopped. As an artist he continues to pursue his personal creative path, by drawing, painting walls and more recently tattooing. His 2020 mural, Opulence and Soul, shows how within everything, there is a unity of two “opposites” a little bit like yin and yang. There is always feminine within masculine and vice-versa.



Nathan Meguinis (2021)

Artist, illustrator, animator, yellow hands and powwow dancer Nathan Meguinis started drawing at the age of five. His artwork today reflects the deep roots of his Tsuut’ina culture and heritage rich with creative visual expression of his cultural heritage and spiritualism, with contemporary stylization; a mix of abstraction and realism.



Lacey and Layla (2019)

Contemporary mural artist duo Lacey and Layla have worked together since 2010, developing a portfolio of murals nationwide. Hailing from Edmonton (via their home today in Montreal) community engagement and building relationships with locals is a source of pride and inspiration for the duo, using vibrant colour and realism to celebrate diversity and representation of marginalized communities. “To be seen” is a celebration of the people of inner-city Calgary, a walk-through portrait series of real people from the community. This is a very important concept to them, one they repeat often: that authentic people, coming from all backgrounds and living all walks of life deserve to be celebrated and visible. They worked with the Mustard Seed and the Albert Tower Seniors residence to photograph their subjects for this mural.



Runt (2019)

At once familiar and unfamiliar, Runt’s works are of this world but definitely not of this world. Informed by a wide range of influences, from Hieronymus Bosch to Dr. Seuss, Runt’s work embodies a love and critique of humanity as his monster scenescapes play out in front of the viewer’s eyes. If one could press “play” on any of his scenes and advance them, the scenes would look entirely different.



Billie Rae Busby (2021)

Billie Rae Busby is a contemporary visual artist who creates abstract paintings of the Canadian landscape. She uses a precise hard-edge technique and colour theory to reinvent her surroundings. Her paintings evoke wonder and possibility by depicting mood, memory, movement and time. Based in Calgary, she is inspired by both the complexity of urban architecture and the vast rural landscape. She strives to interpret ordinary places in a fresh, new context. Her abstract landscape paintings have been exhibited in various galleries and exhibitions in Western Canada and have been acquired by several collections including the Alberta Foundation for the Arts and Canada House (the Canadian High Commission) in London, England. You’ll find this BUMP RoadWork beside the Saltlik restaurant on Stephen Ave.



Cassie Suche & Rhys Farrell (2021)

Cassie Suche is a contemporary abstract artist working in Calgary. Her work is distinguishable for its delicate balance of structure and spontaneity, expressed though a visual language of linear and modular forms. Suche takes a highly experimental approach to generating work, focusing heavily on material research and process. Her practice is driven by formal and informal investigations of pattern, logic, and processes observed in nature. Rhys Douglas Farrell a.k.a. ITSXYZ is an emerging artist living and working in Calgary. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts with distinction (major in Painting & Drawing) from the Alberta University of the Arts in the spring of 2016. He was signed with the Herringer Kiss Gallery in 2015 and his first solo show was named by Canadian Art Magazine as a “Must See”. Their collaboration for the 2021 BUMP Festival involves a gallery of individual and collaborative murals.



Emily Beaudoin (2021)

Emily Beaudoin is a watercolour and pen and ink artist and muralist based out of Revelstoke, BC and Canmore, Alberta. Emily has always been irresistibly drawn to the mountains for their complexity, colours, abundance of life and beauty. She spends her time hiking, skiing, biking, and paddling into the backcountry in order to paint her experiences. Emily uses vibrant colour, texture, white space and intricate line work to convey the sense of freedom, adventure and energy she experiences while in the mountains, as well as her connection to and love for these wild places.



Birdo (2021)

birdO is a multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto. While his surreal geometric animals can be found on canvas, in digital print, and installation, birdO is primarily known for his large-scale mural work on walls and buildings around the world. Jerry’s long passion for the arts, his storied experience working in film, and the skills acquired as an award-winning graphic designer, have all contributed to his approach, which focuses on an acute awareness of the surface and studious preparation with regard to local culture and surroundings.



Tiffany (2021)

Tiffany Lynn Cuffley is a multidisciplinary artist residing in Mohkinstsis / Calgary. With a background in Performance Arts, she studied at Mount Royal University and Company Of Rogues and is a former professional figure skater with Disney On Ice. Tiffany draws inspiration from exploring design, pattern, architecture and the geometry of movement. Her work has been included in exhibits in Calgary, British Columbia and Ontario and is currently focusing on mural work and scenic painting for film and theatre.



Stare (2021)

As a practitioner of aerosol art, Stare is renowned for his innovative and versatile style. His work depicts a stirring chemistry between adventurous color schemes and electrifying effects, overlayed on the architecture of his organized glyph, both imposing and graceful. With a hardened style to call his own, Stare has literally marked the face of Montreal’s urban scenery. It was in 1996 that Stare’s adventure started. He is accredited to have strategically decorated Montreal’s metropolitan landscape using audacious and singular imagery. Touching all disciplines of aerosol art, he quickly became a career muralist without ever stagnating the practice and passion of the art. He has been involved in the creation of major murals that are considered to be historic monuments of Montreal’s urban scenery. Defying traditional techniques and methods commonly observed in traditional mural painting, Stare’s murals are designed and created to integrate with the surrounding environment while always respecting, incorporating and ultimately enriching the existing architecture.



Reza Nik (2019)

Reza is an Iranian-born interdisciplinary artist, teacher, and architect based in Toronto. With a background in art history and architecture, Reza utilizes his creative and critical thinking to explore liminal spaces, the nuances of our built environment, and the importance of questioning absolutes. This by far his largest mural to date, expanding on a concept he’s been developing for a couple years of interconnected heads. They are all drawn together by a single line, or string, held by the one person sitting on top holding the string (see chimney). This mural alludes to the domino effect of how what we say influences others. If you look closely, you’ll notice the last head in this mural is the only one with its eyes open. It is an appeal to the viewer to consider what happens differently in the real world when we act with our eyes closed.



Alfalfa (2020)

A l f A l f A is a Venezuela born muralist, currently residing in Toronto. He creates hybrid depictions of mythical creatures though his line-based style. He has painted murals all over the globe of his fantastic beings.



Labrona (2019)

Labrona is a Montreal-based artist whose works feature multi-coloured faces and animals that are defined by dark features that stem from his fascination with, and desire to convey raw human emotion. This mural created for BUMP in 2019 is a showdown between rival kings whose well-being falls on the backs of the commoner. Inside this local brewery you will also find more of his artworks hanging on the wall. You can enter by ringing the doorbell beside the backdoor with the red light above it (but only when red light is on!)



The Kid Belo (2019)

Calgary-based graffiti and street artist has spent much of his time in recent years building his practice on canvas, creating more abstract, minimalist paintings. The mural created for BUMP in 2019 is return to the wall bringing with it his new minimalist expressions and artistic direction.



Mateusz Naperialski (2017)

Mateusz’s visual vocabulary is directly inspired by geometry, shapes, bright colours, patterns and forms he finds in nature and his surroundings. He is most creative when blending graphic design, illustration and moving image together. His work blurs the lines between different mediums and disciplines: crossing digital with physical, and experimenting with combining these two realms together.



Adam Zhu (2017)

One of BUMP’s first murals, this classic tells the story of how Adam first experienced and grew to love Calgary when he first moved here through his senses of sight, hearing, taste and smell. Originally from China, in 2011 Adam graduated with a Bachelors in Design Alberta University of the Arts. Since leaving AUA Adam has not only immersed himself in the professional circuit of Graphic Design working for various design firms and freelancing, but also keeps a foot on the Fine art world of local Group Shows. As an artist, Adam is interested in the natural world – human beings and animals – their interactions amongst, within and towards each other.



FATS (2019)

Fathima Mohiuddin (FATS) is a Indian-Canadian artist born and raised in the Middle East. She looks for universal messages and resonating imagery that brings light to questions of existentialism and the human desire to give meaning to images and symbols, particularly in nature. 

In 1992, during the Gulf War, her parents applied for Canadian immigration. After a few moves, at the age of 24 she became a Canadian Citizen with a acute consciousness of what citizenship and immigration means and how borders imply different things for people with different passports. 

This mural, Migration, is based on the simple fact that migrating geese have no borders. They fly to survive, momentum is their life.



Nasarimba X Jill Stanton (2020)

Local artists Nasarimba (Mikhail Miller and Rachel Ziriada) and Edmonton-based artist Jill Stanton returned to BUMP in a joint collaboration in 2020 titled: Daybreak. Nasarimba brings abstract form and colour to their work while Jill’s work often reflects the community or environment through the abstracted still life of objects and natural elements. The collaborative team has worked on several projects together. Their approach for this mural on the back of the Uptown Bottle Depot was to reference and reflect on the surfaces, materials, textures, objects and colours found in downtown alleyways of urban centres.



Emmanuel Jarus (2021)

Emmanuel Jarus is a Canadian-born artist and muralist inspired by the visual human experience based in Toronto. His work reimagines how art can exist in public spaces. For the past 10 years, Jarus has been working with communities across Canada and around the globe to produce large-scale portraits and figures among other images on wall surfaces. They can be found within major cities as well as across rural settings. He has had notable international recognition as a contemporary muralist and figurative painter. He studied briefly at the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto but attributes his knowledge of art to various influences including his grandmother, inspiration from graffiti, and resources found on the internet.



Alexander Bacon (2021)

Canadian graffiti artist Bacon began painting in the 90’s as a teenager. He is best known for his colourful works lining the alleys and streets of Toronto and has achieved international recognition. Bacon describes the art form as being passed down from one generation to the next. His work has evolved into deconstructing traditional graffiti spray paint techniques to create an abstract graffiti style while maintaining structure. His use of a mature colour pallet and mixing of realism with the stylized graffiti flavour gives his work a unique look with smooth transitions and texture. Most recently, Bacon has been doing large scale murals and canvas work while maintaining the disciplines of graffiti.