Josh Creighton

Calgary, AB

Focusing on geometric designs composed of hard-edge shapes and dynamic color palettes, Josh Creighton’s work aims to lead the viewer to a new perspective of looking at their surroundings and how those surroundings affect them. Josh breaks down realistic elements into geometric forms, creating a surreal feeling of realism mixed with abstraction. He is Influenced by technology, music, visionary art, graffuturism, and nature. The mediums used for murals are aerosol spray paint and latex paint. Outside of muralism, Josh works with mixed-media painting (acrylic, airbrush, aerosol), woodworking, and digital art.

Mural Statement:


The aim of this work is to reflect on the energy of spring and the regrowth it brings every season. This growth happens naturally all around us simultaneously, flowers blossoming, trees sprouting leaves, young ducklings hatching. I want to share this feeling of strength and growth with the public to lift spirits and inspire this growth in others. The use of a traditional Japanese pattern named Asanoha symbolizes good and healthy growth, vigor, resistance, or resilience, and then, by extension prosperity. Bold contrasting colours represent dualistic paths in life, and the balance these varying paths bring to each other when looked at from a wider perspective.


Photos © 2021 Chelsea Yang-Smith


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The Beltliner

243 12 Ave SW


Earl’s Tin Palace

2401 4 St SW


Watchman’s Pub

1109 17 Ave SW #100


Buon Giorno / V Burger

823 17 Ave SW