Helen Young

Calgary, AB

Helen Young is a multidisciplinary artist residing in Moh’kíns’tsis (Calgary, Alberta). In her current practice, Helen uses sculpture, drawing, painting, and sound composition to explore ideas of self and the world around her. Helen has participated in collaborative projects over the years within performance and visual art, and presently incorporates animation into her personal work. Helen works as the Music Director at CJSW, and has programmed a weekly radio show for 7 years.

Mural Statement:


With a bit of a retro aesthetic in mind, I created the design with the legs and shoes walking to represent an area like 17th Ave. Being a walking area and a hot spot full of bars and restaurants, folks will often have the intention of “going out” if they’re in the area. This could mean dressing up, hence the funky shoes. I think that the hairy legs represent a level of inclusivity and relatability. I created the hand design wanting to have an abstracted but recognizable image that is big and graphic, and compositionally pleasing. Both hands and feet are interactive and practical body parts, and are relatable to all humans.


Photos © 2021 Chelsea Yang-Smith


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Briggs Kitchen + Bar

317 10 Ave SW #100



632 17 Ave SW